Low pressure blower

Low pressure blower supplier and exporter in India

Kunj Enterprise is leading low pressure blower supplier and exporter in India. These type of blower is used for the industrial application of low pressure and high air flows. We are supplying many type of low pressure blowers, single inlet and double inlet blowers. Our all low pressure blowers are of oil free characteristics. Pressure Blowers are known as the heart of any process industry. They are also known as Industrial pressure blowers, Industrial air blowers, Pressure Fan or Industrial fan. These blowers are used for many applications such as for ventilation, gas circulation / removal and supply of air. They can categorize in many types based on their drives and pressure generation.

Our supplied low pressure blowers are mainly of centrifugal blower type. Their impellers are curved backward and made up of steel or aluminium. As per different type, these blowers are come with belt drive or coupling drive and frequency converters can operate them. Our low pressure blowers find application in various industrial and commercial use. Impeller housing is made using aluminium casting to provide stability as well as anti corrosive properties. Additionally they are powder coated and painted. Stainless steel blowers are also anti corrosive, their parts which comes in contact with different medium are also made of stainless steel. Our low pressure blowers are available with anti explosive quality. Our blower fans can work in any environment and prevent any explosion. They can also exclude different risk factors such as electric or thermal which can cause explosion. Other customize features are available on demand.

As a leading low pressure blower supplier, we are offering product range of low pressure blower to cover wide range of performance. We can provide effective airflows both low and high with the use of our low pressure blowers. Helping to select right blower and providing professional advice to customer is our duty. Making best quality industrial blower for customer is our profession. Please feel free to contact us for any requirement of industrial blowers or to get free quotation of your customized low pressure blowers. You can contact us any time for any question/suggestion for our products.